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Editorial Policy
    The IJCRSET is an international peer reviewed on-line journal published Bi-monthly by UR Publishers. The journal is devoted to the dissemination of advances in scientific knowledge concerning to the disciplines related to science, engineering and technology.
Originality and Authorship
    The manuscripts submitted for publication should be written in English, must be an unpublished research works and not being under consideration for publication elsewhere. The corresponding author will be responsible for the submissions and will be contacted throughout the editorial review and publication process. It is the responsibility of the corresponding author to check that whether all the affiliation and contact details of the authors are provided.
    All the submissions will be critically reviewed by at least two subject experts (double blind) who are selected for their competence in the subject matter of the paper by the Editors/Chief Editors. The manuscripts may be accepted in its original form or may be accepted subject to revision. Acceptance of the paper depends upon its suitability and scientific merit. The editor's decision and reviewers' suggestions will be conveyed to the author. The author will have an opportunity for revision submission. If the submission of revised manuscript held longer than 30 days will be considered as new submission. However, the authors may request for extending the revision submission.
The changes in authorship (order of listing or addition or deletion of name) after submission should be requested with signed statements of agreement from all the authors. However, the changes in authorship are not allowed after acceptance.
Galley Proof
    Galley proofs for an accepted article will be sent to the corresponding author for correction. These should be returned to the Editors within 10 days. The content of an articles including authorship cannot be changed during galley proof reading.   
    To maintain and protect the original authors from misappropriations of their published work, author(s) are required to sign a Copyright Transfer Agreement, which will be sent to the corresponding author only upon manuscript acceptance for publication after peer review. The accepted manuscripts without this Copyright Transfer agreement are not published. So it is the responsibility of corresponding author to execute this agreement.
    The corresponding author is responsible for acquiring the permission(s) to reproduce any copyrighted figures, tables, data, or text that are being used in the submitted paper. It is mandatory to submit permission grant from the original publisher to reprint the text quotation of more than 250 words from a published or copyrighted work. The permission grant must be submitted together with the manuscript.
    For any general questions and comments about our editorial polices that are not addressed here, we encourage to contact us at Questions about a specific manuscript should be directed to managing editor (