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Peer Review Policy
    As the review process is an important aspect in maintaining the publications standards, all types of submitted articles including review articles are subjected to double blind peer-review by the selected subject experts of the respective articles. It helps an editor in making decision on an article and also enables the author to improve the manuscript.
    We always ask reviewers and editors to be more quick and at the same time to be critical to the given manuscript. To avoid delay in review process, regular reminders will be sent the specific reviewers. Atmost, the criteria to get published in IJCRSET, a manuscript should be exemplary in work novelty and significant results with evidently strong conclusions.
The review process
    All submitted manuscripts are screened by the editorial staff. To save time for authors and peer reviewers, the papers that do not meet our criteria in terms of scientific merit as well as overall styles are rejected promptly without review. These editorial level decisions are also based on informal advice from specialists in the field. Manuscripts selected after editorial screening are formally sent to two ad hoc reviewers. During the review process, author identities (includes the author(s) name, address/affiliation, country, phone/fax and email.) are removed from the manuscript. Any information in the Acknowledgement and Declaration of Conflict of Interest that reveal author identity are also removed from the manuscript prior to sending it to reviewers. To ensure that fair analysis and taking into consideration of the reviewer's expertise in the subject, the reviewers' identities to other reviewers are masked. We prefer to keep the reviewers remain anonymous with each other throughout the review process and beyond. We ask reviewers not to identify themselves to authors.

    Eventually, based on the reviewers' comments, the editors make the decision as  Accept, with or without editorial revisions;  Requires Minor revisions (address specific concerns before final decision is made); Requires Major revisions (address specific concerns before final decision is made); Reject on grounds of (specific reasons)
    The review reports are sent to the authors without reviewer identity. On receipt of the author(s) revised manuscript, addressing the reviewer's or editor's comments, the editor makes decisions as Accept or Reject. Only an editor has the authority to "Accept" or "Reject". Upon acceptance, the author(s) are issued with Acceptance Certificate and the manuscripts are processed for galley proof prior to publication.